Bereavement Support Appeal

13 July 2018 - 13 August 2018

As a valued supporter of St Helena you will know how we help local people with incurable illness both at The Hospice and in the home. Care that simply wouldn’t be possible without your generous support.

Our Bereavement Counsellors work with people who are cared for by the St Helena team but also work with individuals who have suffered a bereavement but have had no previous support from us. These individuals may have suffered a sudden death, perhaps from suicide, murder or a road traffic accident.

Last year we supported over 900 local people before and after the death of a loved one.

The St Helena Bereavement Support service offers a full range of support to children and adults - regardless of the circumstances around the death of their loved one. It’s the only service of its kind in this area and one in great demand. Because of this, our waiting list is growing; at times as many as 50 people need our support and we simply can’t help them.

We urgently need additional staff to help us to deal with an increasing number of phone enquiries, to meet new clients and to professionally assess their situation, so we can offer them the right, tailored counselling to meet their needs. This will enable more people to receive the support they need and to receive it sooner.

It costs around £70 for the bereavement team to arrange and deliver a counselling session with one of our highly trained Counsellors. 

Would you consider making a donation today to support people facing bereavement in the future? 

Peter's story

Peter came to St Helena for help after his sister died by suicide. He was wracked with guilt that he hadn’t known she was struggling and, after her death, that he hadn’t been able to protect other family members from the pain of her loss. Lorraine, one of our Bereavment Counsellors worked with Peter to support him in making sense of what had happened. She provided him with techniques to help him work through his thoughts and feelings so that he could deal with the shock.
The difference she saw in Peter once they had finished their sessions was incredible but, more importantly, he felt it had made a real difference too.

In his own words Peter explains:

"Through bereavement your world is changed. It is a pain like no other you have ever experienced. It’s overwhelming, you feel like you’re drowning and there’s panic. The counselling I had with Lorraine helped me to feel grounded and levelled and gave me back control. It taught me that things out of your control happen around you but that doesn’t mean you have to forget. The love you feel for someone is the same reason you are in so much pain.

As well as my one to one sessions with Lorraine I attended some group meetings. At first I felt
that my bereavement wasn’t as important as those who had lost a son, a daughter, wife or
husband. It was my sister we had lost. I soon learnt that everyone in the group was different but
we all felt the same loss, same pain, same anguish, same guilt. The group gave a sense of being
equal and everyone cared about each other. Bereavement takes you to a place out of your control. The support from St Helena gave me back that control and I learnt that life will never be the same again but in time it will be good again."

A donation of £38 could pay for a Bereavement Counsellor for an hour. Would you consider making a donation today to help someone like Peter receive the support they need?

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